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       Plastic bricks
       Thousand silk clay
       Blister gum
       Crystal clay
       Cotton sand
       Space sand
       Foam clay

          About Jinhua Boyue Stationery Co., Ltd. (formerly Jinhua Zhigao Play Dough Co., Ltd., founded in 2006), the company specializes in the production and export of DIY toys. The company's main products include Play dough, Modeling clay, Super light clay, Foam clay and plastic building blocks and other DIY toys. The company have more than 150 worker. The company's products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, can pass the European standard EN71-1 / 2 / 3 / 9, US Standard ASTM D4236, Japan St testing. Also has domestic 3C certification and ISO9001 management system certification. We can be customized according to customer requirements, accept OEM. Our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Europe, South America and other countries. We will adhere to the principle of quality, to provide customers at home and abroad with high-quality products and services, to maintain a good and lasting relationship of cooperation, if you need to know more please contact us, thank you!

        Homepage   About Us   Product   New Pro.   OEM   Sales   Contact Us   İ

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      Address: No. 575 Changchun East Road, Fucun Town, Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province    
      HotOnline: 0086-579-89103909   Fax: 0086-579-85164370 0086-579-89103909
      E-mail: sales02@cnzhigao.com http: www.local-shoppers.com