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Energy Services
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D & R Energy Services
D & R Energy Services is a renewable energy consulting firm founded on the principle of always doing the right thing for our clients and the environment. We implement practical solutions to meet the needs of an ever changing energy landscape to ensure a cleaner, more secure energy future. We are committed to providing today's most comprehensive, yet affordable, renewable energy efficiency programs, systems & technologies. We have the knowledge and the ability to create specific solutions unique to each customer's needs.

Whether you are a residential or business owner and whatever your goals may be, we have the solutions for you. The technology is simple, safe and available to everyone, with outstanding financial benefits through energy savings and programs established by local, state and federal governments.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy effectively uses sunlight, wind and other resources that are naturally replenished. Use what nature provides for free to reduce your dependency on the utility companies and their ever increasing rate hikes.     

Did you know that you could?...
* Supplement your utility bills
* Eliminate electricity bills altogether
* Have your utility company send you a check
* Be totally energy self-sufficient
* Create a back up or emergency power system
* Reduce your carbon footprint
* Receive tax rebates, credits and allowances
* Receive renewable energy grants
* The new tax credits are 30% for both residential and businesses

For more information see the Homeowners and Businesses Tax Incentives for Solar Energy, Small Wind Systems and Geothermal Heat Pumps page.

About our services

We at D & R Energy Services, Inc. are a Renewable Energy Systems Developer and Integrator.  As such we design and construct Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Biogas and Biomass systems for homeowners, farms, municipalities and businesses. Our services do not stop there.  We work with, and for, our customers at every stage of the project. As the consumer, you have the right to know what is happening and we will keep you informed.

D & R Energy Services is a professional corporation with over 25 years in Alternative Energy.  We started in Landfill Gas (Biogas) and have incorporated Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric into our portfolio to better serve our customers needs.

About the owner

Robert Craig is a graduate of San Diego State University with two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He has worked in the Electrical, Oil, Gas and Biogas fields for over 25 years including eleven years as a Senior Engineer with a world renowned large turbine manufacturer.